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The Flynn model is a modern jacket that combines denim with the soft and elastic fabric of the Street Hoodie sweatshirts.

It has a very comfortable and flexible design to allow all the movements that the dog makes during the day. The belly area is elastic so the jacket fits better to the dog's body.

Perfect for the whole autumn winter season thanks to its soft inner lining on the top (chest, neck and upper back), perfect for dogs with long hair, as it insulates from the cold while keeping the hind leg area cooler.

Ideal for all dog breeds. Available in 7 sizes. Machine washable.

Polyester. Non-toxic, non-allergenic.

Consult the size guide by clicking on the Size Chart button in the description of this product. You can also consult the size chart in the General size guide.

Machine washable. Delicate garment.

Exmple sizes

Pug (9-10 Kg)  Size 4

French Bulldog ( 11 kg) size 4

French Bulldog ( 15 kg) size 5  

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